Casey Stoner feels that MotoGP's new single ECU system is already 'very advanced' and not hugely different from the former Factory electronics.

The three leading MotoGP manufacturers - Yamaha, Honda and Ducati - are jointly developing the single ECU software with Dorna's team of Magneti Marelli engineers.

The main aims are to reduce costs and give all riders access to the same electronic technology, but many hope the less sophisticated software could also help improve the racing.

Speaking after his first day on a Ducati MotoGP bike since 2010, during a private test at Sepang on Saturday, the retired double world champion said:

"In my opinion [the ECU] is still very advanced. So they might have stopped progression, but realistically they haven't gone back many years. If you are going to do anything, it's got to go back to 2006-2007. Somewhere around there is when electronics were there, but they didn't really help you go faster.

"So these are still quite advanced and I'm sure nobody has reached their potential yet. They are still learning the programs and systems. There's still a long way to go and they'll be improved further.

"Quite honestly, from what I've ridden, there is not a huge difference. You can feel a little bit and just those minor final little adjustments, but they are pretty good. Of course that's a good thing in many ways, but in other ways I'm disappointed it's not a little bit more loose and a little bit more tricky maybe."

There are still three official tests to further develop the software, starting at Sepang next week - when it looks like Stoner will be back on track, at some point, alongside the 2016 race riders.



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