After failing to find consistency in terms of track time, Andrea Dovizioso admitted he is still experimenting with a riding style that is necessary to extract the maximum from Michelin's tyre characteristics.

Spending the day on Ducati's 2016 Desmosedici for the most part, the one-time MotoGP race winner ended the day 14th fastest, despite shaving close to a second off his personal best lap time from Monday.

One of the latest brakers on the grid, Dovizioso acknowledged that his old approach negates corner speed, one of the tyres' greatest strengths, and he is "still quite far" from using the rubber to its fullest potential.

"You have to adapt to the tyre, like every time. The difference with the Michelin and Bridgestone is so big so if you don't ride in the right way you are very slow. The feeling is that you have a lot of grip but you are not right in how you use the grip.

"I mean, I feel like I have a margin but the feeling on the front is not so good. It was because I didn't ride it in the right way. If you enter the corner with too much pressure on the brake you create a problem to the tyres and you are so slow in the middle of the corner; which is the best point of the Michelin.

"We're trying to use and to not brake too late. Next time because it's really changed completely the line of the track, the approach of the track, and also everybody had his style but you have to follow especially the tyres now."

Having gained more information on Ducati's new machine, Dovizioso was well placed to reaffirm his initial impressions from Monday.

"[Braking stability] Is little bit better. I mean we can reduce the speed in less metres but I don't think it's enough. Anyway, I was quite far from the first riders so it's not the main point.

"It's more precise when you change direction. When you enter it's easier. It looks lighter on the front and also the movement on the traction area is a little but more controllable."

Speaking of a day spent in and out of the pits altering set-up and curing various technical glitches, Dovizioso continued, "Sure we have a big margin but unfortunately today we didn't have time to really work.

"We had a few problems on the bike; not important problems but we didn't make too many laps, in a good way. The laps we did it wasn't with the quality because every time we enter we were in the box for too long. It was a really strange day but if you want to see this in a positive way I think I understood a lot in the way that I have to go. I need to work on that."