Scott Redding confirmed some of the fine margins that separate success and failure in the MotoGP class, as he spoke of using just 'two percent more' throttle when he crashed at turn 13 at the close of FP3 compared to the lap before.

The fast fall was a blemish on what was otherwise a positive day, during which he placed inside the top three in the earlier FP2 session, before dropping to ninth overall by the day's close.

"We checked the data and I had two percent more gas than the lap before and the same speed," said Redding. "All I tried to do was close the line and get up and off the edge of the tyre. That was enough. My feeling here is like yesterday, like I'm on the edge. I guess there it was. Apart from that the session was going good. With the used tyre I had quite a good feeling.

"I was also trying two different bikes to try and get the best of both. I think tomorrow, if we can put them into one, we can improve. It was a bit shit to crash but we went through to Q2. This is one of aims from last year, to get in there. We did it. Despite the crash I'm still happy.

"We improved the setting, the lap time improved and we were in the same kind of situation. We didn't really improve a lot with the new tyre, maybe two tenths more. Yeah, it was that point braking I was getting that skidding. If I could put those two bikes together I think I'd have had enough to make it into the top six. Hopefully tomorrow in qualifying we can make it happen."

Redding's name was among those mentioned by Valentino Rossi when the Italian was discussing his possible rivals for a starting place on the second row. Asked how ending sessions inside the top three affected him, the Englihsman continued, "It's good to see it.

"I know I can do it from the test, at least here. The feeling, I didn't expect it so I was happy to get the rhythm. There were a lot of small things. My leathers were sliding. Then we tried the hard tyre and I didn't get a rhythm. Today I was able to get a rhythm. Even in FP3 it was good. Just at the end I didn't manage to get the lap time.

"If I could get, not a tow, but someone in the distance, I think I could go top four or top five. Alone it would be top seven. My aim is top six. That's what I want to try and achieve. We'll see what kind of run I get in the Q. Again I did my lap alone but the laps before I did it with someone in the distance and it came a lot easier. We'll see how it pans out. I'm not the guy that likes to sit and follow. I like to do my own laps."

On tyre choice, he added, "Rear we're going to go with the soft. I'm debating going with the medium front but I'm not sure. I want to one hand and don't on the other. Maybe FP4 is the time to try it. Then I don't want to knock my confidence and then go to Q with the soft. We have to put a strategy together. I want to but I don't want to take one step back. I'm trying to play it safe at the moment."



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