Ducati does not expect MotoGP to clamp down on the use of aerodynamic winglets.

The Italian factory debuted the latest generation of winglet technology one-year ago in Qatar, followed by several evolutions throughout the season.

Yamaha unveiled its version in September, with Honda also experimenting with the devices during 2016 pre-season testing.

However some riders have expressed safety concerns due to the risk of a 'slicing' injury, plus the unsettling turbulence created for following riders.

As such, there are rumours that winglets could be banned at the end of this season.

"No, I don't think so," Ducati Corse sporting director Paolo Ciabatti said in Qatar, before Tuesday's announcement that wings are to be banned in the Moto2 and Moto3 classes.

"Last year when we came out with the winglets here everybody was laughing. Halfway through the season somebody [else] started to use them. Now nearly everybody is using them.

"So I think Ducati was the first manufacturer to understand that working a little bit more on the aerodynamics, and using also the possibility of winglets to reduce the wheelie and so on, is useful.

"Obviously some riders may complain, but all manufacturers will have it in the end. I think it is just an evolution of this sport and Ducati was the pioneer in this, I can only say that."

Both factory Ducati riders were fighting for victory in Sunday's Qatar season-opener, with Andrea Dovizioso claiming second.

The race was won by Yamaha's Jorge Lorenzo, using winglets.