MotoGP's Grand Prix Commission is to ban the use of 'aerodynamic wings' - but only in the Moto2 and Moto3 classes.

For Moto2 the ban is effective immediately, while in Moto3 - where some wings are currently being used by Mahindra - the ban is effective from 2017.

No reasons were given for the decision.

The Technical Director will continue to permit the use of fairing designs used to deflect water displaced by the front wheel that do not have an aerodynamic purpose.

Ducati, Yamaha and Honda all have winglets available for their MotoGP machines. Some riders have raised concerns over the risk of injury if they struck by the devices, as well as the destabilising turbulence the 'winglets' create for following riders.

In a separate ruling, effective from May 1, to reduce the incidence of missed gears in Moto2 it will be mandatory to use one of two approved brands of quickshifter. (Not one brand as previously agreed).

It will also be compulsory to fit and use a load cell with data being supplied to the technical control data export.