Andrea Iannone has said he was more concerned with the performance of Michelin's front tyre throughout Saturday at Termas de Rio Hondo as he qualified sixth for the second MotoGP race of 2016 than the rear.

Having made giant strides in the morning, where he knocked 2.2s off his Friday best, Iannone was at the competitive end of the standings despite finding it 'difficult to manage the situation' with the front tyre.

The Italian commented that he was experiencing a locking when he transitioned from upright braking to applying the brakes with an angle, meaning he felt close to and even on the limit throughout the morning and afternoon sessions.

"It was not my best qualifying," said the 26-year old before Michelin announced it would withdraw both its rear tyre compounds for Sunday.

"It was a little difficult because I don't keep a perfect lap. On the last lap I rely a little long on the last corner so it's a disaster. Anyway FP4 was not so bad because I start on the used tyres. I improve lap-by-lap and this is a good point. But it's very difficult to manage the situation, especially the front for the race.

"Today we have a lot of crashes. Every rider stays at the limit and it's a very difficult situation with the track and tyres. I don't think at this race it's the best combination. I don't have everything clear so anything is possible. Marc is very fast. Also Vale has a good pace. I think Marc will push very strong but he crashed two times so I'm not sure if he can ride all the race like this.

On riding at the limit, he added, "Always, in every corner. In every braking, especially from a straight position. When you want to go on the angle the front locks. It's very difficult to manage this situation."

Commenting on the improvements he made overnight, he added, "The track improve a lot, sure. But we use the hard tyres in front and with this tyre the feeling improved a lot. When you ride and you don't have feeling everything is a disaster and you ride very slow.

"When the feeling improve a little bit with nothing you go very much faster and improve the time 1-1.5s. I'm positive for tomorrow for this. We'll try to adjust the tyres with the setting so it works better. With more feeling we can improve a lot."



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