The forecast wet weather has arrived for race day in Argentina, taunting an already disrupted MotoGP schedule.

After a Saturday tyre failure for Scott Redding, Michelin withdrew both its planned medium and hard compound rears, to be replaced by a compulsory new slick for race day.

The new tyre has a stiffer construction, but the same medium compound that has been available this weekend.

An extra 30-minute practice was announced, in addition the usual 20-minute warm-up (UPDATE: Warm-up now extended to 30 minutes), to allow riders chance to adapt to the new tyre.

But overnight rain meant the track was too wet for slicks and the extra session has now been cancelled. MotoGP warm-up will go ahead as planned, after Moto3 and Moto2.

Should warm-up be wet but the track then dry for this afternoon's race, Michelin and Race Direction are discussing whether the extra practice session will be reinstated just before the start of the grand prix.

Otherwise riders would go to the grid without having done a flying lap on the rear tyre they are to race.

UPDATE: If warm-up is wet but race dry, riders will go back to their original tyre allocation but with a compulsory pit stop.

By Peter McLaren


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