Jack Miller admits he became too overconfident after passing Jorge Lorenzo in Sunday's Argentina MotoGP.

The Estrella Galicia 0,0 Marc VDS rider caught and passed the reigning world champion to slot into sixth place but Miller's race ended abruptly in the gravel when he came off shortly afterwards at turn three.

"All weekend we've been pretty strong and again in the race, although there were a few points on the track where we needed to be careful but I felt in general really good on the bike," he said.

"We made a little change last night and it felt good. I had a bad start and tried to pull through the group and when I got to the front, past Lorenzo, I saw the other guys and I just thought if I could up it a little bit more I could close the gap.

"At that point, it probably went downhill and I just pushed a little too hard and used too much lean angle through turn three and as I hit the bump, it went away," he added.

"It was all completely my fault and I was just pushing a little too hard we'll go to Austin looking to capitalise on what we've learned here and use it to our advantage.

"It gave me a little bit too much confidence [catching Lorenzo]. A lot of the guys that I passed were taking it a little bit earlier into corner seven and just keeping it on the dry line, whereas a lot of the guys in the early laps were making a lot of mistakes because they were braking where they would normally brake but it was wet and they were out of line.

"I was just trying to avoid that and I was able to keep it on the dry, get on the gas and go underneath a few of them. We've got to take the good with the bad and I'm happy with all the positives of the weekend and big thanks to the team."

Miller could not be happier with his feeling with the RC213V and says he is praying he has similar feedback from the bike this weekend at round three of the championship at Austin, Texas.

"In terms of riding and how I feel on the bike, I feel amazing and I'm just keeping my fingers and toes an everything crossed that the bike will feel the same when we get to Austin, and I think it will," he said.

"If we had stayed on the bike today we'd have been on the podium but that's how the cookie crumbles and you've got to keep working on it.

"I'm hoping all the hard work is going to pay off soon enough and we'll keep our foot down and keep running and try and do the best we can to get close to the front."



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