Scott Redding isn't allowing himself to dwell on his frightening practice incident in Argentina, which resulted in Michelin withdrawing their two planned rear options tyres.

Thankfully, the British rider avoided serious injury and a new, harder construction tyre was to be introduced for the race. However wet weather on Sunday morning meant the original tyre allocation returned, but combined with a shorter distance and mid-race bike swap to further limit the maximum laps on each rear tyre.

Ahead of this weekend's third round of the MotoGP World Championship in Austin, Redding has already moved on from the incident but says he hopes Michelin will find a solution to prevent a similar situation developing again this season.

"My back's healed up quite well, there's bruising coming out but not really any pain to be honest. My leg, which was one of the worst things and my neck is kind of gone now," said the Pramac Ducati rider.

"If it happens to me again, it happens again and I can't really change that. Last year was more of a front tyre thing for us and we had a lot of graining on the front and hopefully the tyres hold up, because here it is a pretty fast track.

"Maybe Michelin have seen a bit of data and maybe they can stop getting so close to the limit with the tyre. What's the chance of it happening twice and if it does, it's pretty bad. You can't think too much about it because you have to use these tyres for the rest of the season.

"I don't think it's construction and for me it's a matter of moulding because the tyre just came away from the carcass," he added.

"Somewhere along the line in Argentina I've had quite a lot of movement on the rear tyre, which obviously can help separate it. I don't know where they need to find the way but they need to find something for sure."

Redding's race ended in disappointment when he was forced to retire with a lack of throttle response while holding sixth place.

"It was communication between the electronics and fuel, it happens sometimes and it was frustrating because we did a pretty good race and we were quite strong," he said.

"Sometimes racing goes like that and it's a bit sh*t when it does, but you can't change that. It wasn't really a fault, just more of a misunderstanding with the fuel and electronics together."

Redding is feeling slightly under the weather in Texas with a stomach big but expects to be fully fit for Sunday's race at the Circuit of the Americas.

"I've just got a bit of a stomach bug, coming from Argentina, late nights, not much sleep with all the travelling and your immune system is down, so you catch these stupid little things really," he said.

"I've had some medication to help me get a little bit better and at least be ready for Sunday."



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