The factory Ducatis of Andrea Dovizioso and Iannone believe the feelings offered by Michelin's new rear tyres are similar to what they used in Qatar, although both men, and Marc Marquez complained of excessive rear tyre after the first MotoGP free practice session in Austin, Texas.

Riders were using a new softer rear compound that Michelin flew into the southern state on Thursday evening for the first time during the morning, and noted the right side of the tyre was more-than-used after a handful of laps. Marquez and Dovizioso went as far as to describe it as 'completely destroyed.'

Michelin are in the process of flying the medium compound rear across the Atlantic, with the rubber arriving later on Friday evening, meaning it will be available for use on Saturday.

After complaining of a total lack of front grip throughout the weekend in Argentina, Iannone was pleased to recover familiar feelings, stating 'Michelin has come back!'

Yet the endurance of the rear was a concern, as riders pondered whether the unused nature of the track was to blame, or whether Michelin had yet to find the optimum pressure and setting for the rear rubber.

"At the moment we start good," said Marquez. "The base of the bike is not so bad but we must improve the set up of the bike. Basically the main problem was the rear tyre, on the right side it was completely destroyed.

"Sometimes in FP1 this can happen because the track is dirty but already Michelin start to think how they can manage this problem, if they need to increase the pressure or something like this. We will see in FP2."

Dovizioso concurred, saying, "[I'm] Quite happy, the feeling was quite good, but like every time, when you start on a new track with Michelin, you start from zero, almost zero. Because you never know how the tire will work.

"Also the set up, for example the rear tyre, we destroyed the rear tyre on the right like every rider. But I couldn't test the last set up on the last exit, because the tire was completely destroyed, and the lap time is still slow. So there is a margin for everybody, but anyway the feeling is good."

Marquez is still pondering whether the tyre pressure is at its optimum setting, stating, "At the moment with this rear tyre they low the rear pressure so we get more grip. The immediate reaction is you lower the pressure, get more grip but the life of the tyre is much less.

"They must think again about this; if they increase the rear pressure or the [pressure of the] rear tyre is enough. Maybe with more rubber [on the track] it will be fine. At the moment it's something everyone is waiting for."

Marquez was the fastest of the MotoGP men on Friday morning with Iannone third and Dovizioso fifth.



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