Marc Marquez has joined Valentino Rossi in voicing his dissaproval of the MotoGP winglets that have become fashionable with all of the class' factory teams in 2016.

The current championship leader by 17 points topped the timesheets at the post-race test in Jerez on Monday, a day during which he sampled HRC's triple wing design, which featured three small strakes on each side of the fairing.

Although the lap time remained largely unchanged with or without winglets, Marquez said he felt more comfortable aboard the bike that did not feature the strakes, and went to add that he hopes to see the feature banned at the close of 2016.

"Some people like the wings, some people no," began the 23-year old. "For me I think it's much better without the wings. If you start to go a lot with the aerodynamics it will be more difficult to follow the riders. It will be more difficult to overtake, because on acceleration it'll be like Formula 1.

"You lose aerodynamics. You cannot take well the slipstream. For safety reasons [too], we saw already in Argentina, when Iannone touch me. In Austin, the good thing was Dani was without big wings [when he crashed in Dovizioso] but personally I don't like it. We can use them but only to try and improve."

Would he like to see them banned ahead of 2017, as it has been rumoured?

"For me, yes. It's something I'm using. In some parts it's better. But in the race if we start and don't stop it, maybe it will be more and more and more. I think for overtaking and the racing it will be more difficult. In the end it looks like we will be able to use it this season so we will work to improve it.

"[With the triple wings] I feel not so bad in some areas, acceleration basically. Then in the corner it change the feeling on the bike. I did two runs and I go back to the normal ones. Then I try without wings. Honestly it was better but the lap time was the same. It's still something that we need to work on."

Speaking of the rest of the test, Marquez explained how he and his Repsol Honda crew had attempted to limit the loss in acceleration that has been a common feature at the beginning of 2016.

"In the end we can say that we tried to improve but the final result was very similar to what we had in the race weekend," said Marquez, who ended the test day 0.019s ahead of Jorge Lorenzo. "We got a lot of information across the weekend, this is true. We tried some things in the acceleration and it's where we need to work now in Le Mans, because it has a lot of acceleration points.

"We work also on the chassis and to try and get more grip for the accleration, to try to change the balance of the bike to have less wheelie but it's always a compromise. When you win there you lose in the corners. We're trying to find a compromise but we get some positive information that I think will help in Le Mans.

"The thing is that in the corners I feel really good. Especially today, again, in the morning when I start and in the last two hours I felt good. In the afternoon when it was hotter, it looks like I was struggling because the front tyre was on the soft side. The tyre was working well but the compound was too soft.

"I was trying to push too much the front wheel to recover what we lose in acceleration. We're working on this but it's difficult because the engines are closed. We must work in another side. One side is the aerodynamics. It's not easy."



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