Andrea Iannone was full of praise for Michelin's new rear tyre compounds in Le Mans, and stated that they are in improvement over what he used in Jerez in almost every area.

The Italian showed strongly around the French circuit on Friday afternoon, as he ended FP2 in a strong second, some three tenths of a second off pace-setter Jorge Lorenzo's astonishing fastest lap of the day.

Having struggled with a lack of rear grip as soon as he touched the throttle in Jerez, Iannone felt there was 'less spin' and more grip on both the entry and exit of the corner.

"[Today was] Not so bad," began the Italian. "These new tyres improve in all the area; in the braking point; in the middle of the corner and also on the exit. There is less spin, more grip in the braking point and also in the middle of the corner.

"For sure it's good for everybody and everybody improved the lap time and the pace. I think it's great work from Michelin and it's a good reaction after Jerez. It's a positive point for everybody."

Iannone identified the change of direction on the run down to turn six as a definite area to improve upon in Saturday's sessions.

"I have so much movement, especially in the change of direction after the first chicane. I don't know. Last year we didn't have this movement and I think the old electronics help a lot to control the bike.

"We have this and it's difficult to improve this situation. It's better when the rider can control the throttle and it help a lot - more than changing the map on the electronic. I think every rider has more movement when compared to last year. The electronics have less sophistication."

Both factory Ducati riders sported a set of bigger winglets than what was used before through the season.

Although Iannone sampled the aerodynamic feature in Mugello after the Spanish Grand Prix, he was unable to give considerable feedback as he was unable to test them back-to-back with the strakes he had used earlier in the year.

"We use these winglets in Mugello but we don't compare to the old one. They tell me it's better and then I use it, no problem. I think the bike at this track is not so bad. I have a very good feeling. For sure we want to improve some situations but we will try tomorrow."



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