Ducati's Andrea Dovizioso held his hands up and declared that a two degree error in lean angle led to him sliding out of third place in the French Grand Prix at Le Mans.

Dovizioso was chasing Valentino Rossi when he lost the front, with Honda's Marc Marquez suffering a similar fate at almost exactly the same moment as the pair went down at turn seven.

"I'm very disappointed about the crash. But anyway, it was my mistake, I just have two degrees more lean angle, and it was enough to lose the front," he said.

"The front tyre worked very well during the weekend, also in the race, but this is the characteristic of Michelin. Everybody crashed in the same way. You never feel you are over the limit, but just if you push a little bit more it can happen, and you lose the front.

"Me and Marc crashed in the same way, like all the other riders, but it's the same for everybody. Everybody has to manage this characteristic. It's not the problem."

Dovizioso was taking the positives out of his performance from qualifying and the early laps of the race, although he feels a lack of consistency is holding him back with the Desmosedici.

"Very happy about my strategy the first part of the race, but not happy about the race. Because we had the speed, we can be fast in the practice, at the beginning of the race, but I think today it was an important race, an important weekend to understand what we have to do for the weekend," Dovizioso said.

"The positive thing is that we have the speed, and this is so important in MotoGP. But we have I think, the race finished two hours ago, so we have to be calm and speak with the engineers, and decide together the strategy for the future.

"But my opinion in this moment is we have to think in a different way. Because until now, we have tried to be faster and faster and faster, and we get the speed, and this is really good.

"Now we have the base about the speed, but we don't have the consistency," added the 30-year-old, who is languishing in 11th place in the championship after a string of DNFs so far this season.

"I believe we use too much the rear tyre, we use too much the energy to be fast, so it's difficult to keep for the race. To be in front, to stay with the Yamaha riders in this moment, we have to be consistent."

Dovizioso is eager to close the gap to the leading riders by finding a set-up that requires less 'aggressiveness' with the tyre.

"Our goal is to try to be fast as now, but with less energy and less aggressiveness with the rear tyre, because maybe is a mix of many components, the tyre we have now, the bike from this year, et cetera," he said.

"But the reality is this, and I believe we have to analyse very well what happened in the race, try to be better in some areas, because always the same riders are in front, and there is a reason."

He pointed to the characteristics of the Yamaha M1, which he feels allows Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi to manage their tyres better.

"I think compared to Yamaha, we have less grip on the rear, so this is sure one point where we have to improve," said Dovizioso.

"Second is the turning of the corner, they are a little bit better. I think they are able to be fast and not use too much power, and just use the flowing style.

"Lorenzo is special to do that, and also to be faster with new tyres. Valentino maybe not every time, but in the race is always there. With that style, is always good. And is my opinion, my idea of how to ride a bike."

Team-mate Andrea Iannone - competing with Dovizioso for the vacant 2017 Ducati seat alongside Lorenzo - also failed to finish, having fallen from second place earlier in the grand prix.



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