Scott Redding's weekend ended in disappointment at Le Mans in France but the British rider has taken heart from the opening laps of the race and is now keen to move forward to the next round at Mugello in Italy.

The Pramac Ducati rider was forced out with a technical problem after six laps when he was running inside the top six.

Redding, though, believes he has taken a step forward with the electronics and is clinging to the positives from a frustrating weekend.

"I felt a little bit strange a few corners before with the engine: where Dovi [Andrea Dovizioso] and Marc [Marquez] crashed, the rear came around," Redding said.

"I thought maybe it was rear brake, but in the end it wasn't. Then I went into turn seven or eight, just before the back straight, but the power was really aggressive and it was strange, so I just changed the mapping. It felt good and that was why I caught up on Dani, but then it broke and the engine just stopped.

"I was a bit scared because I didn't know if it was locked or not, so I took the clutch, turned off and reset and tried again, but nothing happened and in the end we couldn't finish the race," he added.

"I'm really happy with the beginning of the race and in fact with the whole of today, because the weekend was difficult for me and I had to re-evaluate the situation and get myself under control a bit more.

"From our lap time overall, we weren't really much better but when we put the lap together the lap time was good and I felt consistent. Actually I felt better with my second bike this morning but I struggled when I changed to bike one."

Redding made numerous changes for the race and they seemed to have paid off until his progress was abruptly cut short.

"We changed a lot of things for the race to give me the settings from bike two to bike one," Redding said.

"I felt good in the race and the feel I was getting, I thought the lap time was 35' low or 34' high, but when I checked it was 34' low, so I was settling in to where I needed to be.

"Normally in the race I struggle to make the same lap time as in practice or warm-up but actually I was making the same lap time, so I've taken the positive from that.

"I think maybe we've found something from the electronics from my side and I think sometimes I'm trying to ask too much from the engine and it's making it difficult for me," he added.

"We came here to race and it was another race where I think I could have done a good result. I felt comfortable, I didn't want to do anything crazy to try and prove a point, I just wanted to make the top ten and I was in that area to achieve that," he said

"But we can't look back at what happened and we have to move on to the future and Mugello is next.

"I've happy that I found something today and I'd like to have done the whole race to see how we got on, but in those few laps this morning and in the race was the biggest step we made all weekend, so I'm happy to have something in my pocket for Mugello."



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