Scott Redding's miserable run of luck continued in Sunday's Italian MotoGP, when he was sidelined by a technical problem for the third time in six races.

The Pramac Ducati rider rose swiftly from tenth to seventh, and was the leading satellite rider, but his grand prix was over by lap 9 of 23.

"Again it's not my fault, so from one side I'm quite happy with my performance," Redding said. "We had a water problem, the bike didn't stop but I didn't want to blow the engine because it was a fresh one.

"When the [warning] lights came on I lost a bit of concentration, I did 2-3 laps with the lights, slowing up to see if I could recover it. Then in the end the lights came on fully so I thought, 'I can come back safe, save the engine and try again in Barcelona'."

Asked if he wants meetings with the team and Ducati to try and get to the bottom of the technical problems, Redding joked: "I think they should wheel a factory bike into my garage for the next race to apologise!

"No, I mean it's not like they are doing it on purpose, so I'm not mad at them. It's not like the wheels fell out, that would be a different story. It's a mechanical thing and it can happen, it's just that we are having a lot of it at the moment.

"It's unfortunate because the other guys have had it happen maybe once in the year and I've had it three-four times. So I am a bit disappointed because I believe we would have been battling for first satellite today."

Team-mate Danilo Petrucci finished in eighth place, just behind top satellite rider Bradley Smith (Tech 3 Yamaha).



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