Cal Crutchlow has stated that his priority is to stay with Honda for a third year, but has yet to speak to Lucio Cecchinello about the specifics of the Italian team manager's plans for the 2017 season.

Cecchinello told in Mugello that his first option was to continue running Honda machinery with Crutchlow as his rider, but that depended on certain details, as "at the moment, budget wise, it's difficult for us."

On Thursday in Montmel? Crutchlow said that he was unaware of the results of Cecchinello's discussions, but was confident that "everything will be OK" to compete for another year in the premier class.

"The conversation [Lucio had] with the representatives was not about me. I think they were about Honda. It was nothing to do with me. I'm not involved in those conversations. My priority is to stay with Honda. I have a contract so in the end I have full trust and faith in Honda and I think Lucio does as well.

"We will continue to work with them for the rest of the year and continue to give them the feedback. That's all we can do. We'll wait and see. I think Lucio's relationship with Honda is good.

"I think my relationship with Honda is good too. I don't really know the situation. I haven't spoken with Lucio about his dealings with them. I'm sure everything will be OK.

"My priority is to stay with Honda. But I have a contract to stay with Lucio as well. I will honour my agreement, as I'm sure he will. I don't know if he's going to move manufacturer.

"I have not discussed anything with him with regards to that. I've discussed going faster at the next race, and that's all. We're not in next year yet. As I've said before I have full trust and faith in Honda so we'll see.

"I have everything sorted. You have to ask Lucio. It's nothing to do with me," he added, before quipping, "Maybe he's switching to Moto3! I don't know. It could be time to get the leathers tucked in a bit more."

With regards to the seventh round of the 2016 season, Crutchlow believes Michelin's tyre allocation could benefit him and his RC213V, after a difficult race at Mugello yielded just five points for an eleventh place finish.

"With the straight and the acceleration in fourth and fifth gear - because you come out of the final corner in third gear and you're already quite hard on the throttle - that might limit us quite a lot.

"But in terms of the rest of the track it should suit us quite good. We have quite a good tyre allocation this weekend for our bike. We'll see. The track temperatures will be high so we might be able to use the hard tyre in the front. I'm looking forward to it. We have to certainly make a better result that the last race. As Lucio will tell you, we made a wrong decision to run the different brakes.

"We took that decision as a team because of issues in the other races. After five laps they were way too hot. We work together as a unit because I crash the bike sometimes and they don't shout at me. We make decisions all together. I'm happy with the team and with Honda so I'm looking forward to this one."