Catalunya MotoGP race winner Valentino Rossi 'will try' to attend future meetings of the MotoGP Safety Commission.

The nine-time world champion has not been present at the open-to-all rider gatherings since his clash with Marc Marquez at Sepang last season.

Controversially, that includes missing Friday's meeting, following the death of Luis Salom in Moto2 practice at Catalunya.

Although ten other MotoGP riders did not attend, including world champion Jorge Lorenzo, Rossi's absence was especially disappointing given his unparalleled experience and standing in the sport.

The likes of Bradley Smith and Pol Espargaro were particularly frustrated that, having not gone to the meeting, Rossi then disagreed with some of the decisions taken.

But after Sunday's race, the nine-time world champion appeared to concede that he had been wrong to question the change made to Turn 10 (at the end of the back straight), which - like the corner where Salom fell (Turn 12) - was replaced by a slower F1 section.

"I said yesterday that maybe I didn't agree with the modifications to Turn 10, but agreed more with the last section [Turn 12]. But I also said that I know they have the Safety Commission meetings, from 2003, at the same time and same day and if they take a decision [without me] it is like this," Rossi said.

"Yesterday I went to check Turn 10 and in reality the run-off area is also very tight. It is very similar to [the original] Turn 12. So in the end - I prefer the normal layout, like a lot of riders I think, but for safety reasons also Turn 10 can be dangerous if in braking something happens, or two bikes touch.

"So I think - especially after what happened to Salom, but also in general - we need to do everything for safety and it is okay [to change Turn 10] like this."

Quizzed on whether he will return to the Safety Commission in future, Rossi replied: "I don't know. Maybe yes. I'm always quite busy on Fridays, but I will try."

A decision on whether to keep the F1 track sections for MotoGP is due to be made at the next Safety Commission meeting, at Assen.



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