Andrea Iannone insists he braked at the same point and did not enter the corner too fast during his spectacular collision with Jorge Lorenzo in Sunday's Catalunya MotoGP.

Iannone, who took himself and team-mate Andrea Dovizioso out a double podium in Argentina, has been punished with a last place start for the next round at Assen after hitting Lorenzo at the end of the back straight, on lap 17 of 25. (Click here for more picture of the incident).

The Spaniard was holding fifth place at the time. Both riders were fortunately unharmed.

"I am very sorry for what happened with Lorenzo because I was doing a good race with the limited grip I had. I was riding well and pushing hard, without making any errors, and had even managed to catch Jorge," Iannone said.

"As for the incident, I can only say that I could do nothing to avoid it: I braked at the same point as all the previous laps but he was very slow at that moment and unfortunately I made contact with him and we both crashed.

"It might seem that I came in too fast and that I wanted to pass him but that's not the way it went and we got the confirmation of this by analysing the telemetry data."

Sunday's top three felt Iannone should have tried to go to the outside of Lorenzo, who has now lost the world championship lead to Marc Marquez.

Iannone insists he braked at the same point as before and that Lorenzo was 'very slow' at the moment.



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