Cal Crutchlow expects to have to fight his way through from Q1 on Saturday at Assen after the LCR Honda rider missed out on a hot lap following a spill in FP2.

Crutchlow ended the session in 13th place and eight tenths back on Andrea Iannone and Valentino Rossi.

With rain forecast overnight and into Saturday, the British rider feels he won't have the chance to improve his time to seal his passage into Q2.

Crutchlow, who has confirmed he will remain with LCR in 2017, revealed he is also struggling with vibration and chatter issues.

"I crashed in my last run and made a stupid mistake, which has left me outside the top ten and now it's going to rain all night, so we're probably in Q1 already," he said.

"I felt really good with the bike but we have a lot of vibration and a lot of chatter. I made my fastest lap with the hard tyre and then I equalled my fastest lap with a bent bike, because I crashed it, got back up and did the last two laps.

"I knew that everyone would put the soft tyre in an go faster, so I'm disappointed because I was only getting a fast run on the last laps and Dani [Pedrosa] and [Yonny] Hernandez were cruising on slow laps and got in my way. It's not excuse to be outside the top 13, the problem was I crashed the bike," he added.

"I literally tipped over in turn 5 and honestly I don't even know what speed I was doing - I probably went faster through there on my pushbike yesterday. I felt I should have easily been in Q2 and we have a chance in the morning, but I think it's going to be raining."

Elaborating on the chatter problems he is facing Crutchlow said it was particularly bad between turns 5 and 9.

"Overall I felt quite good with the bike and as you can see from Marc [Marquez] and Dani [Pedrosa] - Dani especially - it's difficult with the bike here, the bike is vibrating everywhere and bumping and we have no power compared to them," he said.

"We have to work on our bike in the dry conditions with Honda and give them the information we can to help them improve it. I know the mistake I made and I was pushing to make a good lap time and just made a little bit more angle and tipped the bike over.

"We know what the problem is, with the vibration and chatter between turn 5 and 9 but I've no idea [what the cause is]," he added.

"I feel we're in a positive direction and did an OK lap time with the hard rear tyre, which was used also. We're pissed off to be outside the top ten because we know it's going to rain in the night and I'm going to be in Q1.

"The bike is hard to change direction, especially this year, and we can't really improve that. It's the fast changes of direction that is worse for us. To do a 1m '33 around here you need to use the kerbs and they will probably be wet in the morning."



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