Andrea Dovizioso says a lack of grip from Michelin's front rain tyre was to blame for his demise in the re-started Dutch TT at Assen.

The Ducati rider had led the initial race and was right in contention for victory when the race was stopped due to heavy rain.

He started from pole in Race 2, but Dovizioso slid out on the second lap at turn 12 and his chance was gone.

"It's very disappointing because we did a great weekend and improved our speed in the dry, which is an important point," Dovizioso said.

"We did a really great pole position yesterday in a different situation and we did everything perfect in the first race. It was a very difficult to manage and I was first, but unfortunately the rain came on heavy and we had to stop.

"In the second race, me and Valentino [Rossi] pushed so hard to beat each other because we were the fastest and we pushed too much. The reason why we crashed and the reason why too many riders crashed was the front tyre: the front tyre didn't work and I believe everybody used the same tyre as the first race in the second race."

Dovizioso apologised to his team and said a strong result at Assen had been so important after a DNF last time out at Catalunya.

"To prepare a new tyre in two laps in the second race wasn't enough and this explains how was the front tyre," he said.

"In the second race we put a soft rear and the grip was more than double, but it created even more problems with the front and I crashed in a fast corner in fifth gear when I released the throttle because the rear pushed more on the front.

"That was my mistake and I'm really sorry to the team because after a bad weekend in Barcelona this race was very important and we worked very well during this weekend in many situations," Dovizioso added.

"That result was very important so I'm very disappointed about myself because it was a really nice chance to get a result. I feel strange because there were too many problems with the front tyre and it was difficult to manage."

The Italian rider said this year's championship was unfolding in a 'strange' manner, with riders gaining points 'when a faster rider crashes'.

"Many times this year many riders make points in the race because a faster rider crashes and this is a strange championship, in the wet or dry, so it's not nice but no excuses and we have to improve," he said.

"In the qualifying there was a dry line and the grip was more. Every tyre works better when there is a dry line. With the front rain [tyre] it was very bad in any situation and if there is no water, the grip is less, and with less water the grip is more and with a dry line it is better, but the tyre didn't work.

"The rain tyre we used today just didn't work - we don't have grip, never," Dovi added. "This weekend, the point is the grip and there wasn't any at all."