Misano winner Dani Pedrosa was forced to settle for sixth in Sunday's Aragon race after tyre problems beyond his control.

The Repsol Honda star struggled with a lack of both front and rear tyre grip throughout the race. In particular, he suffered 'an unusual degradation of the front tyre, which Michelin will promptly investigate'.

"No feeling from the tyres today. In the rear or the front," said a puzzled Pedrosa. "In the middle of the race the front was destroyed. Something went wrong in the tyre. I had so much vibration on the edge which means some problem.

"I tried to keep the rhythm, but it was so difficult to race without grip in the rear or front. Sometimes if you have one bad feeling, okay, you can still do braking or you can do corner exit. But neither the front or rear was good today.

"The rear tyre didn't make the full potential and the front was destroyed. I don't know exactly what the issue was, but obviously it was a very bad feeling to race like this after last weekend. I just had to arrive to the end of the race as best I could."

So you used the same tyre options in free practice and they behaved totally differently in the race?

"More or less, yes," Pedrosa replied.

The Spaniard refused to call the inconsistent tyre performance as strange: "I would say it is difficult to manage, more than strange.

"You can make a lot of judgement for the direction you choose to go on the bike and the setting, the way to work, [but] it depends a lot on other things that many times are not under our control.

"I would also be critical of myself, to do some things differently at the next race, but today I have nothing I can regret myself."

With Maverick Vinales finishing fourth, Pedrosa is now just six points ahead of the Suzuki rider in their battle for fourth in the world championship.

By Peter McLaren



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