Michelin has confirmed the use of 'a completely new compound' and two 'totally new' rear tyres to suit the unique demands of Phillip Island, venue for this weekend's Australian MotoGP.

Previous exclusive tyre supplier Bridgestone was memorably caught out by resurfacing at the circuit in 2013, forcing a mandatory mid-race bike swap due to concerns over tyre life.

Michelin has certainly embraced the challenge head-on, being named as title sponsor for this year's Australian event.

Following data gathered from an official pre-season test, Michelin has created a new compound especially suited to the configuration and asphalt.

The front slicks will be offered in soft, medium and hard - the soft and hard versions also featuring an asymmetric construction, with a harder left-side to cope with the long, fast corners.

To match the front slicks, two 'totally new' rear tyres will be introduced in Australia, available in a medium and hard compound. Both will also feature an asymmetric pattern, with the harder left shoulder.

"With the race being sponsored by Michelin will mean that we will really be under the spotlight and we are under no illusions about the task that we will have at Phillip Island," admitted Piero Taramasso, Manager of Michelin's Two-Wheel Motorsport Group.

"It is one of the most demanding tracks we visit and is very hard on tyres, so with this in mind we have developed a tyre especially for the track.

"With no racing information from the last seven years, we had very little relevant data, but the test there at the start of the year was very positive - despite the rain - and we collected a lot of data from all the riders and teams.

"We have produced a tyre that we believe will work well. It is a completely new compound, you could say it's the 'Phillip Island Tyre' really, as we won't use it anywhere else.

"The track is very abrasive so we have taken that into consideration and created a tyre that will cope with that, as well as the fast corners, so we have also produced an asymmetric front to give the riders the grip they will need to perform around this special track."

Three wet front tyres and two rear will also be available, plus the intermediate option.



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