Ducati and Jorge Lorenzo will need to 'cooperate' as they adapt to their respective strengths and needs for MotoGP 2017.

Those were the words of Ducati Corse general manager Gigi Dall'Igna, who has tempted the triple MotoGP champion to the Italian factory after a nine-year career at Yamaha.

Lorenzo will make his much-anticipated debut on the Desmosedici during testing at Valencia on Tuesday.

"Both," replied Dall'Igna, when asked if the Ducati will be adjusted to Lorenzo or if Lorenzo must adjust to the bike. "Jorge is a clever guy and for sure he understands that the bike he has to use starting from tomorrow is completely different to the bike he used for many years in MotoGP.

"So he has to learn the bike first of all, and try to adapt his riding style to the strong points that the bike has. But also the reverse, we have to try to give him the best possible bike. That means first of all we have to understand what he needs to go fast, and second try to give him this. We have to cooperate together to reach the target."

Dall'Igna, who oversaw Ducati's first MotoGP victories since 2010 this season, last worked with Lorenzo when the Spaniard won two titles for Aprilia in the 250cc class.

"Jorge has a different riding style in comparison with all the other riders in MotoGP at the moment. So for sure, his set up has to be different than the others," Dall'Igna added. "I have some ideas, because I know him very well, but it was a long time ago and in different classes.

"So something could have changed, and I prefer to wait for the first test with him tomorrow, before taking the first decision regarding the development that we have to do for him."

The Italian was however clear regarding the main weakness of the present machine.

"I think our main problem is the turning of the bike in the middle of the corner," he said.

"Everybody has the same tyres, so the problem is on the chassis. The [turning] problem we have now is completely different to the problem that we had some years ago. For sure we are really close to our competitors so - we have to improve like always - but it's not a big problem like in the past.

"We have some ideas and we will try to implement these ideas in the new bike. We will see if these ideas can work."

On the plus side, Dall'Igna knows Lorenzo won't be concerned by the Desmosedici's renowned straight-line performance.

"I'm quite curious to understand what Jorge's opinion will be of our engines," he said. "For sure the performance point of view, I'm quite confident he won't have any problems with it! But we will discuss tomorrow about all the parts that can be improved in the bike, to help him to go fast in the corner."

To help evaluate the chassis modifications, Ducati will test with wings fitted to the GP17, even though the aerodynamic devices are banned in MotoGP from next season.

"For the next two days we will test with the winglets, because we have to make a comparison of the chassis. This is our main target. So to be sure to avoid making any wrong decisions, we would like to test with the configuration that we are sure about."

By Peter McLaren



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