MotoGP and F1, the pinnacle of their respective two and four-wheel disciplines, could each learn from the other.

That's the view of triple MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo, who tested a Mercedes F1 car earlier this year and was present as a guest of Monster at the Abu Dhabi season finale.

Speaking exclusively to, Lorenzo said: "F1 can learn from MotoGP on the track and MotoGP can learn from F1 off the track. That's the simple way to define it.

"For example, I think MotoGP is the greatest show in motorsport at this moment. It is much more spectacular and much more fun than Formula One. But the F1 paddock is very smart, and there are not so many people and this is much better for the drivers. They can walk freely in the paddock.

"I cannot go like before in the [MotoGP] paddock because there are so many people. I have to jump from my pit box to the motorhome. I cannot spend any minutes in the paddock because it is impossible. You cannot make one metre without taking a picture with a fan."

Lorenzo is certainly not the only rider to have problems moving around the MotoGP paddock, as Valentino Rossi found out at Valencia last month:

"The F1 teams are also more professional with the sponsors. The sponsors are also different, they are a higher profile than MotoGP," Lorenzo continued. "So as I said, in my opinion Formula One has to learn from MotoGP on the track and MotoGP from F1 off the track."



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