Updated with quotes about the fairing from Valentino Rossi at the end of day two of testing, when he was fourth fastest.

Yamaha has made the first public move in MotoGP's 2017 fairing 'war' by revealing this response to the new ban on wings.

On day two at the Sepang test, Valentino Rossi tested with concealed winglets on either side of a special, wider M1 fairing.

This is within the new rules, which only ban wings that are "protruding from the fairing or bodywork and not integrated in the body streamlining".

Asked about the fairing in the Sepang paddock on Tuesday evening, Rossi replied: "They tell me I cannot speak about the new fairing! But sincerely speaking, first of all, it is very beautiful! I like. It don't make a lot of difference, but it is more beautiful. So we will continue to use and try tomorrow. Then we will see."

Vinales and the Yamaha test riders have also tried the fairing.

The other five MotoGP manufacturers are still testing with normal fairings at Sepang, but most admit they are also working on more radical designs to try and claw back the downforce lost following the wing ban.

By Peter McLaren



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