Andrea Dovizioso has said he can't envision MotoGP riders racing in wet conditions, should the bad weather in Doha, Qatar persist into Sunday evening.

Even if riders have the chance to test the Losail International Circuit out on a wet track during warm up (held between 15:20 and 17:20 local time), they will still be no wiser if the floodlights restrict visbility, he said.

Rain is forecast for Sunday morning but Dorna's race direction representative Loris Capirossi is hopeful it will cease before lunchtime, giving the track sufficient time to dry before the extended warm-up sessions for each class get underway.

However, if, like on Saturday, the rain persists into the afternoon and the track has not dried when the dusk falls, Dovizioso cannot foresee riders racing.

"It's really interesting," he began. "I believe and I'm worried the biggest problem is the grip. It's more the grip than the visibility. I don't know.

"But the problem is the warm-up will be during the day. So I don't know if we're able to race during the night. If we confirm the grip is good but we won't have tried it during the night. So I think we can't race in the wet tomorrow."

On today's events, when qualifying was cancelled due to excess standing water at certain points on the track, and in run-off areas, Dovizioso said, "Unfortunately the track wasn't in a perfect condition.

"I think the track is not made to ride in the wet so there were some problems. I think it's quite normal and I believe in the future there will be some change if they really want to try to race in the wet.

"From the riders it was difficult to manage but they are trying everything to do that. So I think it was OK. Difficult to manage but when the situation is the same for everybody, I don't want to call it a problem."

The cancellation of qualifying means Dovizioso will start the first race of 2017 fifth, in the middle of the second row. He believes the lack of track time before the race will impact everyone's preparation, with the possible exception of pole sitter Maverick Vi?ales.

"I think everyone [is affected] because no one is happy about the pace 100 percent. For sure Maverick or maybe Marc [Marquez]. But for sure everybody wants to ride more because we did three days of testing.

"But the conditions are different than the test. So we have to change many things. Also, how the rear tyre works, and the front tyre, yesterday was completely different to the test.

"You have to work a lot to these conditions. Everyone wants to ride and be more ready for the race. I think this decision of the rear tyre still is very difficult.

"[In the race] Anything can happen. Also from Maverick, from Marc. I don't know what they will do. I think the consumption of the rear tyre is quite high so everybody has to think about that.

"Maybe everybody will try to control that at the start of the race. Everybody is like this."

If the track does dry, Dovizioso foresees the conditions and grip levels being something of a lottery. "[Just] Like everyday!," he quipped.

"So, what will make the difference is how the track is tomorrow. But everyday it's like this. If there's more grip, less grip it makes a big effect on all the bikes.

"The humidity, how much sand there is, it makes a big effect. It's something no one can control. We have to adapt to the condition. So I'm interested to see the conditions tomorrow.

"Maybe the rain was a lot and it could have cleaned the track. But anything can happen here."



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