Eskil Suter feels Danny Kent should have stuck it out at Kiefer Racing, but is now looking forward to working with replacement Tarran Mackenzie this weekend.

Suter, whose chassis won the Moto2 title with Marc Marquez in 2012, joined forces with the Kiefer team to headline its return to the intermediate class this season.

But while Dominique Aegerter has qualified third and taken a best race finish of fifth, Kent had a 13th place to his name when he pulled the plug after warm-up in Texas.

The 2015 Moto3 world champion will now return to the junior class with Red Bull KTM in France, while Kiefer has signed British Supersport champion Tarran Mackenzie for the remainder of the season.

"In the test at Jerez Danny was bloody fast - he was in the top two or three riders and I had really big hopes for him and saw him as our best rider. I thought that if Danny could have put things together properly that he might get a podium," Suter told

Pressed on the reasons for the split, Suter replied: "Danny actually told me that he had no problems with the bike. He said that he believes the bike is great and has a lot of potential, but somehow he lost the motivation with the crew and there were also some minor mistakes.

"His move is really difficult to understand and he really shouldn't have made that move, because normally you also have to go through bad times with your team. For me, in motorsport you take a decision for the whole season and a season isn't that long.

"If you've taken the wrong decision then you have to make the best of it and live with it for the year and then try and find a better solution for the next one.

"I remember when I was racing I took the decision to go with a particular suspension supplier and that decision turned out to be wrong because at the time that suspension really wasn't performing and on top of that I was one of the only riders on it.

"But I gave my word to them so we stuck with it and tried to develop it and make it better through that difficult year. I gave them my word for the year and learned from that experience about how to make better judgments for the following years.

"With the young guys nowadays though it's more difficult because they are dealing with such a short career and everything has to happen today. Nowadays if you get to the age of 22 you're already missing the bus and if you're 24 you should get a pension!"

Italian Federico Fuligni temporarily filled Kent's seat at Jerez, before a deal with Mackenzie was announced.

"I talked with Stefan Kiefer and also Niall Mackenzie, who I know from before," Suter said. "We went through all the national championship to see if we could find a rider talented enough to go to Moto2 and Tarran was on the list.

"We were also talking with Nicki Tuuli [WSS], a couple of Spanish guys; Augusto Fernandez, Alex Medina and we also talked with a couple of American riders including JD Beech. We were really looking around, but in the end of the day it also depends on what their contractual situation is.

"We didn't just want to find a rider who would pay money, we wanted to find and develop talent. Even though Tarran's talented we don't expect instant results in his first year because Moto2 is so tough. It'll be a huge, huge step up from BSS into Moto2 because I think it is probably the hardest class there is.

"I'm really looking forward to meeting him and maybe I can give him some input towards becoming successful in Moto2."

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