MotoGP riders should have the option to use both the new and older specification front tyres.

That is the opinion of reigning world champion Jorge Lorenzo, who says it is the fairest solution to the current dilemma, in which some riders prefer the original 'stiffer' tyre, and other riders the newer version used so far this season.

The older spec, introduced for the 2016 Valencia finale, was re-tested alongside the current tyre after the Spanish Grand Prix at Jerez. While most riders agreed there was little difference, the likes of Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez were among a rumoured two-thirds of the grid that preferred the older tyre.

That is despite a clear majority previously favouring the softer version during pre-season testing.

"The difference is not a lot, but at the end it is a bit better," said Rossi, who had been one of the first to call for a re-test of the older tyre due to front-end movement on his Yamaha.

The choice was even clearer for Marquez, who relies on hard braking: "It [the older tyre] had some things better and I don't feel anything worse. It has more stability and I like it. I prefer."

But team-mate Dani Pedrosa was in-between - "it's hard to pick one" - and Lorenzo, who took his first Ducati rostrum last time out, among those who still likes the extra edge-grip of the current tyre.

"In my opinion the fair thing is to give the possibility to feel great to the riders who prefer the standard tyre and the riders who prefer the older one," Lorenzo said at Le Mans on Thursday.

"The older one is more rigid, can permit you to brake later and harder. The one now has more edge grip.

"The complaints of some riders brought us to change the tyre, to make these riders happy, so the riders who prefer the other tyre should also be [kept] happy. The option of two-and-two [of each tyre], would be the best for everyone and will make every rider happy."

It is rumoured that the stiffer front tyre will be made available from the next round at Mugello. It is unclear what will happen to the current spec - whether it will be dropped or continue alongside the stiffer tyre, as Lorenzo would like.

By Peter McLaren

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