Marc Marquez says fellow triple MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo began pushing for both front tyre specifications to be made available after a recent test at Mugello.

Prior to that private test, Marquez said riders had agreed to switch over to the older, stiffer, version if more than 60% were in favour of such a move.

Speaking before it was officially announced that the stiffer front tyre will replace the current version from the Italian round, after a vote that saw 20 of the 23 riders agree to the decision, Marquez declared:

"We spoke in Argentina in the Safety Commission and everybody was agreed that we would try this [stiffer] tyre, and if more than 60% of riders liked it, we would change.

"And it was more than 60% [after the Jerez test], so we decided to change. But then Ducati did a test at Mugello and from that everything started to change, big pressure from Lorenzo.

"He's asking to have the two tyres. But in the end, if you start to speak about something, you have to follow this way, because everybody was agreed.

"We will speak now in the Safety Commission [to decide], but I agree that we should go with one tyre casing. Because to have two casings is so difficult for Michelin for development.

"Which casing would they improve, the '06' [current] or '70' [stiffer]? I mean, for one group of riders, or the other group? They must choose one way, and try to improve that one."

The Repsol Honda rider, who specialises in hard braking, said he found no negatives with the stiffer front tyre when it was made available for all riders to try at the post-race Jerez test.

"I didn't feel like day and night difference, they don't feel like two completely different tyres, but I feel slightly better with the '70', which is the old casing [used at Valencia 2016]. It gives a better feeling to me, more stability

"It's a very small change. It was not like, oh, now I have improved three tenths per lap. It's just something of feeling. And for some reason, this year many riders complain about the front tyre during the race, especially when you follow some bikes, it starts to move so quick, starts to overheat the front tyre.

"Last year, this was not a big problem, but this year I don't know why; if it's the casing or the rubber - this year, they also changed the rubber - I'm not an engineer. But for some reason, all the riders have much more problems with the front during the race."

Marquez admitted that the stiffer tyre will be 'better' for those that brake latest, but didn't feel the loss of edge grip some riders have spoken about and emphasised the current tyre is overheating.

"The [stiffer tyre] looks like it gives a better support in the braking point. You go in with the brakes, and it keeps better the front, it has more stability. And for riders that brake late, or for heavy riders, that can be better.

"Then on the mid corner, for me it was exactly the same. The problem with the other tyre, is that you always have some movement. For practice, to do five laps, then stop, then five laps, it's not a problem. But during 28 laps, it has this movement, the temperature is going up, and up and up...

"You start to overheat the tyre, and you start to lose rubber, because always you have some movement. And I believe that the [stiffer] tyre is better for this, more stability, and especially for the race distance, much more consistent."

Marquez was speaking after setting the second fastest overall lap time on a wet opening day at the French MotoGP, where he also ran the shorter exhaust on his RC213V.

"In the rain, still we need to set it up well, because still we have some areas that I'm struggling a little bit, but the main target of this exhaust is that I like always to have the torque or the bike feel in my hand, and with this, I'm able to do it and I'm able to ride more how I want.

"I still have some areas that I don't feel 100%, but I need to continue to use it, because we believe that it has a good potential, and we need to work. We need more kilometres to understand, but even in wet conditions, it was not really far from the other exhaust."

Team-mate Dani Pedrosa was 14th overall. Better weather is expected on Saturday.

By Peter McLaren

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