Andrea Dovizioso has said Ducati is still some way off fighting for a MotoGP victory after a three-day private test at Montmel? confirmed that the factory's one big limit - turning - was still evident.

Testing on Tuesday and Wednesday after test riders Casey Stoner and Michele Pirro put the GP17 through its paces on Monday, the Italian was sixth out of 13 riders in the final afternoon session.

Nonetheless, Dovizioso felt his pace on a harder compound of tyre was good, and his two-day outing was worthwhile after working with Michelin's stiffer front construction, as well as set-up and a handful of new parts.

"It was important to make this test, because in the last few years we struggled a lot here, especially when it's very hot and the grip is very low in this track," he said. "The consumption of the tyre is quite high, for the rear.

"For sure we still have to improve the turning in the middle of the corner, it's quite difficult, especially when the tyre drops, like always in Barcelona. After three laps, the drop of the rear tyre is quite high.

"So, it was the right decision to test. My best lap time is not so fast but my pace with the hard tyre is quite good. But still, we have the same limit as the other tracks, so we speak always about the same things. Still, we didn't improve the negative point. Still, we can't fight for the victory.

"It was important also to make this test for the front tyre because the consumption is really high. But Michelin bring different front tyres and they worked well about the consumption. I think it was very important for them before the race."

On Michelin's efforts at the test, he continued, "They work a lot on the front with the old construction. They bring something different and the consumption is better because with the normal tyre, which we used had the same rubber as the beginning of the season. The consumption was too high. They bring something different and the consumption is better.

Asked of his opinion on the track's revised final sector, Dovizioso added, "It's not so nice to ride but for sure it's safer. They make the right decision. I'm not so happy about the curbs because it's easy to crash. But it's easy to cut the curb. Both [the] left and right [side]. I think we have to speak about that because a lot of riders will cut the curb."


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