After a strong showing in the Grand Prix of Catalunya, Jack Miller vented his frustrations at the lack of machine updates from Honda coming his way, stating, "I'm still getting dicked on acceleration - it sucks."

Miller was on course for a good result at Montmel? in the punishing Sunday heat, before a crash on lap 14 when holding tenth put paid to his hopes of recovering from his Mugello woes.

While puzzled by the fall, Miller appeared even more frustrated by the issues that are still affecting him, mainly a lack of acceleration. Repsol Honda men Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa, and LCR's Cal Crutchlow have received recent updates in recent weeks that have limited the problem, Miller not so.

"We're fortunate enough to have a test tomorrow, keep working on this new front tyre," said Miller on Sunday. "Every time we get on the bike we seem to get more comfortable with it, which is good. We've just got to find some f**king acceleration, that'd be nice."

When it was put to him that the other Honda men have not made such complaints in recent weeks, Miller was typically forthright in his reply.

"That's because their bike's f**king better," he said. "It sucks. I feel like not only a second rider but a third rider, you know what I mean? I'm here, putting in the work and, it sucks to say but I had a s**t bike in the first year, last year wasn't much f**king better and this year it seems I'm on the bike I got given at the Phillip Island test.

"Nothing has been updated; the same problem I've been complaining about since Qatar is still happening now. I'm still getting dicked on the acceleration. It sucks."

On whether any updates will come his way in the upcoming weeks, Miller was unsure. "I don't know," he said. :We're on a meeting, we're on a meeting now so we'll see."

Miller had spoken of his difficulties with Michelin's stiffer front tyre construction - brought into the allocation from Mugello - during the Italian Grand Prix. There, he was uncharacteristically some way from the top, while his 15th place ended a recent run of finishing each race in the top ten.

In Barcelona, it took him several sessions to find a setting that worked with its character, but once there, Miller was running close to the leading group.

"Yeah, top satellite Honda rider and only six seconds off the leader," he said of Sunday's race. "We were there, there was only eleven laps to go, so over half race distance and I was six seconds off the leaders and putting in really good lap times.

"I felt good, confidence feels good, I just got to keep working at and like I said we're just getting the bike dialed in with this new front tyre. Looking forward to getting to Assen. It will be interesting to see how this front tyre works there, it's not really a heavy braking track and this tyre seems to suit more heavy braking style. We'll see how we go there."

On the crash that ended his race, Miller continued: "We don't really know [what happened]. Two kph slower than the lap before, one degree less, all bits of evidence pointed towards staying on the bike but we still ended up on our head.

"I mean, it was just one of those crashes, you know? There's a bump in the corner, it drops off camber, just bit me on the arse today but we were on for a really solid result. I sort of settled into my rhythm, after the first, I think it was about, eight... I settled into a rhythm about six laps in, I switched my map quite early to a more smooth map.

"I was just really focusing on conserving the tyres, and I was putting in decent lap times; I was still doing 46 high, 47 low, really consistent bang, bang, bang just by myself. At little gap had formed to the group with VR and that, and I saw Cal and Hector [Barbera] behind me.

"I managed to gap Hector, I put the pedal down and got away from him, and I could see myself coming towards Vale and that again because they had done their switch and I felt I had more tyre than them, my lap time was more consistent than them.

"So it was starting to come back and it just, as I got towards them, went away on me. You know, heartbroken to see it slip away like that but it's good to know we've got good pace at the end of the day."

By Neil Morrison

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