Aleix Espargaro has warned that grand prix's dashboard communication system, set to be available for teams and riders to use in a racing environment from this weekend, could create an additional hazard to MotoGP contingent.

After the riders' Safety Commission OK-ed the idea at Assen, the Grand Prix Commission, comprising of members of Dorna, IRTA, the MSMA and the FIM, announced on Wednesday that teams will be allowed to send messages to riders' dashboards - a virtual pit board, as they called it - in future races.

While conceding motorcycle racing's premier class must 'take profit' of the current technology available to it, Espargaro believes the messages riders receive during a race must be "something quick and easy."

Otherwise, the Catalan can envision a potentially "super dangerous" situation, where riders are either distracted or too focussed on the dashboard in front of them, rather than what is ahead on track.

"The line between good and bad is really thin," said Espargaro of the idea that was recently approved by the riders' Safety Commission. "It's always positive because it's an advantage. We are not racing any more in 500s. Electronics arrive and we have to take profit of all this advantage.

"But probably it can be super dangerous. If you check on the straight, because, believe me, with a MotoGP this is the only place, and if the rider in front of you have some problem you hit him and it's dangerous.

"Obviously, you need to be really smart with the team and decided which messages and which way they inform you. They can't write many things because then it's going to be dangerous but maybe we can have some strategy with signals or a combination of numbers. Something quick and easy.

"Like, if you see a five on the dashboard you know that you need to stop and put the slicks. Or something like this. We need to be careful because it could be dangerous."

Espargaro went on to refute the idea that this gives a team greater control in dictating how a race pans out.

"No. Believe me, when you are riding a MotoGP with slicks in the rain, f**k off what they show you on the board, in the message or whatever. You need to be super convinced to stop, to change the bike, to decide one thing or the other.

"It's a matter of feeling, you know? The only thing is you might decide a little bit earlier because when you cross the straight on the board you have a lot of information.

"I always have the time of the slicks guy on the track, when it starts to rain, stuff like this. It's going to be a little bit more fast than when you arrive on the straight. It will not take a decision for me. Not at all."

Will it favour riders with greater experience? "It can be," he said. "MotoGP is really complicated. In Moto2 you have one button - to stop the bike. In MotoGP you have eight buttons.

"Now you will have eight buttons and more information. It's the most difficult class in the world and this is why. Many things that a rookie needs to learn. It's the nice thing about MotoGP. It's the top class. It's the most difficult one and it's a little bit tricky. You can decide to not use it and that's it."

By Neil Morrison

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