The motorcycle grand prix circus will honour its heroes in a soon-to-be-established Hall of Fame, starting with the induction of Mick Doohan this weekend.

The Hall of Fame idea is nothing new, having been an integral part of American sports for decades, but the FIM and GP organiser Dorna has decided that, after 52 years of championship activity, 'bike racing deserves its own shrine to its greats.

Although a permanent site has yet to be fixed for the Hall, induction of its first 'Legends' will take place between now and the proposed 2001 opening. Each individual nominated to become a part of the sport's official celebration will receive a specially-minted silver medal from the FIM and Dorna, with inductees being selected from all aspects of the sport, and not just the more celebrated competitors. Those selected will, in return, donate items of memorabilia to the Hall's collection.

The organisers are also planning to add a travelling exhibition to the Hall's remit, with the nearest major city to each of championship event having the chance to play host.

Doohan becomes the first inductee at this weekend's Italian GP at Mugello. He will be presented with his medal shortly after completing an official farewell tour of the circuit, and minutes before the main event - the 500cc GP - gets underway on Sunday. The Australian will then become a part of the committee charged with selecting future members of the Hall.



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