Lucio Cecchinello won his second race of the season today in the Polini Grand Prix de France at the world famous Le Mans circuit. The Italian rider fought hard with World Champion Poggiali but managed to stay ahead when it counted.

Pedrosa got off the start line well, entering the first corner in the lead position. As the riders snaked under the Dunlop bridge on lap two Poggiali attempted a look at the front to assess his chance of passing.

Rodriguez made a great start to his race, having started from ninth on the grid, he was up into second by lap four after making some impressive passes on Poggiali and Pedrosa.

Lap seven saw the end of Ueda's race as he took a trip into the gravel, demonstrating further that his season is just getting worse and worse.

This crash was the first in a sequence that occurred in the space of a few laps. Next to go off was Youichi Ui, who was visibly disappointed to not finish yet another race. Then it was Rodriguez to leave the track, both rider and bike bouncing across the gravel. Sanna and Olive had a coming together ending with both riders out of the race and finally at the end of the disastrous few laps de Angelis was thrown from his bike as he lost all control, losing him the fourth position he was in.

Meanwhile Azuma had been battling at the front with Poggiali and Cecchinello. The mid part of the race saw the lead change several times and a lot of action in the top ten positions

The last lap was full of excitement as Cecchinello and Poggiali fought between themselves for the lead position. Poggiali went slightly wide at one point, only just holding onto his second position and having Pedrosa to worry about behind him.

Top ten finishers:

1.Lucio Cecchinello
2.Manuel Poggiali
3.Daniel Pedrosa
4. Arnaud Vincent
5.Masao Azuma
6.Pablo Nieto
7.Stefano Bianco
8.Mika Kallio
9.Andrea Dovinguez
10.Gino Borsoi

Full results to follow.


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