Kenny Roberts will make his return to racing in Brno next weekend after successful surgery during the break to cure a worsening problem with "arm pump".

This condition had become acute, and the American skipped the last race in Germany to allow more time for recovery. The decision paid off.

"I'm stronger now than I've ever been, and I can do things on the training ranch that I could never do before. I'm ready to give 100 per cent again," he said, from his home in California.

"Gaining an extra week by missing the German GP really paid off," added Roberts, who had originally planned to take part at the Sachsenring. "The surgery went great. Now I've been riding at the training ranch, on the dirt-track oval, and I'm able to do things with the bikes that I couldn't do before, and ride for longer without getting tired than in the past.

King Kenny II, the 2000 World Champion, then explained why the problem has been worse this season than ever before. "Riding the 500, I was always able to control the arm-pump problem, but with the heavier four-stroke and the demands it makes on the rider it became very serious very quickly over the last few races," he explained. "Now I know I can over-ride my body consistently without problems, and I don't anticipate any more trouble with my wrist.

Looking ahead to the race itself, Kenny believes Suzuki, which have been inconsistent in their development 4-stroke season, should be strong.

"Brno should be one of our better tracks," he stated. "Overall our situation will greatly depend on how Suzuki have been able to improve the machine. For my part, the arm had really been inhibiting my race performance. Now I know I can give 100 per cent for the full distance, and as long as I know I've done that, I'll be satisfied."



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