No-one can ever accuse Alex Barros of settling for second, and yesterday was no exception as the Brazilian went all out for victory on the final lap of the Australian Grand Prix - but his brave out braking manoeuvre (pictured) went wrong.

The West Honda Pons rider led the race from the very first corner until the 23rd lap when, suffering from clutch problems, Valentino Rossi managed to pass him. The duel between Barros and Rossi was on an knife edge with the Grand Prix hanging in the balance right up until the last lap, when Barros went straight on at the Honda hairpin as he tried to outbrake Rossi.

Fortunately for Barros, he managed to get back on track and finished the race in an extraordinary second position, which is his third consecutive podium finish since he took possession of the Honda RC211V in Motegi.

"I tried to pull away off the start because I knew that I had a slightly softer tyre than Rossi," explained Barros. "I opened up a small gap, but he caught me and after he passed me I followed him and tried to regain the lead a couple of times. I had a problem with the clutch on the final laps which caused me problems changing gear."

The Pacific Grand Prix winner then revealed what happened as went all out for victory on the last lap.

"I tried to muscle past him but I lost control of the bike and I went straight on, but at least I managed to keep the bike upright and finish second," he said with a wry smile. "It was a great race and since I have ridden the same bike as Rossi we are equal on victories and in the last Grand Prix I will try and win again."

"Alex had a magnificent race, in spite of the clutch problems that caused him to commit a couple of errors. Thanks to the lead he built up he was able to finish second after running off the track and he has now scored his third podium finish on the four-stroke," said Team Owner Sito Pons.

"The results of the team during these three overseas races have been very satisfactory with one victory, one second place and two third places in three races. We are now really looking forward to the final race in Valencia," he added.



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