Ducati Marlboro rider Troy Bayliss was 12th quickest this afternoon in Estoril, just over a second off provisional pole position.

But while most of the field were complaining about the windy conditions unsettling the bikes, Bayliss revealed that he can use it to go faster around some corners.

"Things would be better if it wasn't so windy, but the wind does seem reasonably consistent and you know where it's really blowing hard," he began. "It hurts you on some corners but it can actually help you in other turns, like the kink onto the back straight. You're flat out in fourth through there and the wind definitely helps you get the bike turned."

Perhaps surprisingly, Bayliss isn't using the new Ohlins forks - which were tested so successfully at Brno last month.

"Troy isn't using them because he didn't get much of a chance to try them during our Brno tests after the Czech GP, so he prefers to stick with what he knows," Explained Ducati technical director Corrado Cecchinelli.



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