, the first website to publish the often uncompromising reports of Desiree Crossman, girlfriend of Suzuki star John 'Hopper' Hopkins, presents her latest update from the Pacific Grand Prix - written before it was announced that John had been banned from Malaysia for his part in today's first turn accident...

"Well let's start off by saying sorry to those who were involved in the first turn crash. John's alright but feels like crap as do most people when you make mistakes. I'm sure the other riders are pissed, we completely understand the frustration. Sh*t happens and there are apologies.

"In the beginning of the race, John got into the first turn a little too hot and took a few of the guys out, Troy (Bayliss), Carlos (Checa) and himself. Colin (Edwards) was involved as well but he eventually rejoined the race.

"It was an all out battle for the Honda riders - Makoto (Tamada), Nicky (Hayden), Sete (Gibernau), Vale (Rossi), Max - were all dookin' it out. Max got into the lead and stayed pretty much in front of the pack the whole time. Vale ran wide on one turn and that caused him to go back into 9th place. But what a fighter, he was *&^%ing determined to get up there.

"Max had a decent lead ahead of Sete, Nicky and Makoto, but Vale was gaining ground every lap while those three were going at it. Towards the end of the race, Vale looked like he almost took out Nicky but saved it while Nicky was fighting Makoto.

"On the last lap, Makoto nudged Nicky and then nudged Sete fighting for 3rd place. Sete ran off the track with about 3 turns left of the race and he ended up getting 5th place. Vale eventually passed them and took 2nd, while the Roman took 1st, and Makoto got 3rd. Good for Max, but don't get a big head. :)

"All quite exciting apart from the first turn pile up. Honda track, Honda win. Gaz (McCoy) had to pull into the pits 'cause his bike had problems along with Chris Burns. Sh*t happens eh?

"Alright well gotta pack up, so until Malaysia...."




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