This weekend's Malaysian Grand Prix could be one of the most unpredictable of the year, with both searing heat and violent thunderstorms expected on all three days at Sepang.

"One thing about the weather across Asia... you can almost always set your watch by it!" said's weather expert, Martin Chuter. "Many days the weather can be exactly the same. During unsettled periods, countries like Malaysia experience thunderstorms every day, just like this weekend."

"Thunderstorms will rage overnight, clearing around dawn when a quiet lull usually appears," he added. "It tends not to last long, as thunderstorms reappear during the early to mid-afternoon period, when the scorching heat from the sun and the humidity gets to work."

This is Martin's day-by-day forecast for the Malaysian Grand Prix:

"After overnight thunderstorms there will be a period when it will become very warm and dry, although only for a few hours mid morning. Around midday, showers and thunderstorms will gather and downpours are likely during the early to mid part of the afternoon. These will continue throughout the evening and overnight. It will be very warm, hot and muggy with temperatures reaching a scorching 32C / 90F, although with heat stress, it will feel more like 100F. Risk of precipitation currently stands at 70 per cent during the afternoon.

"Again, a repeat performance of Friday where we are likely to see overnight thunderstorms clearing around 8am to 10am and then sparking off once more during the early afternoon. The showers will be torrential, thunder and lightning added in for good measure! It will be very hot once more with highs of 32C / 90F, feeling once more like 100F. The lack of breeze not helping either. Risk of precipitation currently stands at 70 per cent during mid afternoon.

"So what can we expect for race day? Well.... exactly the same. More thunderstorms overnight, clearing just after dawn. A spell of dry weather with sunny intervals for a few hours up until .late morning, before another series of thundery downpours during the afternoon and evening. Another hot day with highs of 33C / 94F, feeling like 102F due to the heat stress effect. Risk of precipitation currently stands at 80 per cent during the early to mid afternoon period."



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