After an impressive performance in final qualifying, Garry McCoy finished a downbeat 19th in yesterday's Malaysian Grand Prix as he struggled with late race rear-end grip levels and a certain Jeremy McWilliams.

McCoy had made a strong start from the fourth row and despite going wide to miss the fallen Alex Barros at turn one, he pushed forward to be 15th on lap eight.

But as grip faded McCoy could not respond in the second half of the race to challenges from team-mate Andrew Pitt, a hard riding McWilliams and the surging Barros.

"I got a good run off the line and down into turn one, but then in turn two Barros was down and I had to go wide to miss him," said Garry. "For eight or ten laps everything felt fine and I got up to fifteenth, although it was hard work racing McWilliams as he pulled some strange moves; we nearly hit a couple of times especially late in the race when he chopped across in front of me.

"I pushed as hard as I could and the bike had plenty of power, but by the end I was backing in under braking big time as the rear grip went away," he added. "It was bloody hot; hopefully it will be bit cooler at Phillip Island next week and that should help us."



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