, the first website to publish the often uncompromising reports of Desiree Crossman, girlfriend of Suzuki star John 'Hopper' Hopkins, presents her latest report - written as the couple wasted days before heading back to the track....

"Hi everyone,

"The last time I wrote, we were in Surfer's Paradise hanging out, but it seems like so long ago now.

"It was a cool place to check out - we did a tourist ride called the Aquaduct, which is a huge bus that drives on land and then goes into the water. I wanted to do that, as cheesy as it may sound, but I thought it was cool.

"On the ride, they take you on a little tour around Surfer's and show you the Versace Mall, where they say you can buy a Versace robe for nearly $2000. Who in the hell is that stupid to buy that? That's not bloody prize possession, that's a complete rip-off. There better be some nice jewels on that thing, 'cause I have a hard time spending $20 on a robe. They say people spend wads there, but what a joke!

"After that, we got into the car and drove down the coast a bit to check it out. The beaches are quite nice, and some of the parts we drove through reminded us of areas in San Diego, like Torry Pines and La Jolla. Surfer's is like Pacific Beach, only a lot bigger and with more high-rises. There's an apartment complex being built at the moment which is going to take four years to complete. It's supposed to be the tallest apartment building either in Oz or in the world at 80 stories high. Should be a sight to see.

"On Sunday morning, we packed up and headed to the Sunshine Coast, which is about an hour north of Brisbane - and, no, we didn't manage to see Brisbane city, but we weren't too bothered.

"We drove up the motorway and knew Garry McCoy lived somewhere up there, so we just drove until we saw a sign saying 'Sunshine Coast next exit'. We got a map at a small info centre and went up to a small beach town called Mooloolaba. Again, we walked around, found a hotel and lounged in the pool. Of course, it was kind of strange 'cause we were supposed to be at the track - and John was supposed to be riding - but oh well.

"We did watch the 250 race, but the MotoGP race wasn't live due to live rugby action, so we had to watch that later in the night. It came on and it was cool 'cause they present it as if it was a football match, getting some commentators talking about Rossi and what he was going to do. It was almost like they were trying to scrutinise the plays. Like retired football players, who think their thoughts are worth 2 cents? Yeah, like them. But I give these guys credit for having a conversational session regarding the riders and MotoGP. It's not like in the States, where it's brushed aside, a half-hour segment from the start to finish and that's it. Bogus coverage on the US marketing strategy.

"So we watched that for a while and saw Rossi win his fifth world title - good for him, but the real question on everyone's mind is................where is he going? I have to admit that I'm completely up in the air on that one. We'll just have to wait and see. Other riders are waiting on his decision too of course, because, if he does make a move, a lot of contracts will be altered I'm sure.

"Monday morning we ate some breakfast and then walked over to a small marina, where you can rent jet skis. We rented one to ride for an hour just to kill some time. During that time, Garry and Gemma had flown in from KL and were getting some stuff done before meeting up with us later in the day. We rode a boat out to the jet skis and John and I went into the ocean to ride around. I got to tell you, after about ten minutes on the thing, I was freezing my tatas off. I had to get back in the boat with the instructor 'cause I was so cold, but John continued to ride the ocean, hitting wakes and hauling ass. Even he started to get cold after a while though...

"From there, we got dressed and had lunch at this Mexican place. It looked open, but we were the only people in there. Apparently no-one eats Mexican for lunch, only dinner. Anyway, our waiter - who I believe to be the owner - was a bit spacey. He was cool and the food was bitchin', but he seemed not all there. He ended up closing the shop on us because he had an appointment. So John and I sat out on the patio drinking coffee while the place was locked. He said we could hang out there while it was closed, so that's what we did.

"By that time, Garry and Gemma had met up with us and we headed over to their house. It's a nice house on a river in a small community. There's a beach not too far from the house, and John wanted to take me to see it at night. We walked over, but you have to go through this small forest to get to the beach and, as chicken shit as it sounds, I was scared.

"I kept telling John 'you never know what could happen, I can't see the ocean'. I was horrified to walk through the forest but, if I can't see the other side, I'll always be nervous. Needless to say I did eventually go, completely on alert walking through, and the beach was nice. It's very secluded, so it was romantic. Aaahhhhhhhh, how sweet!! Then we went back.

"Tuesday morning, we left and headed to Brisbane and the airport. We flew into Melbourne, hired a car and drove to Phillip Island. Right now, the weather is calm but cloudy. This is the place where everyone says you can get all four seasons in one day - that you can never count on consistent weather here. But, apart from that, we like the little small town and it has a good atmosphere.

"Alright, that's it until the weekend begins and John can ride again. Look out for the sticker on John's bike - everyone should get a kick out of it.





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