, the first website to publish the often uncompromising reports of Desiree Crossman, girlfriend of Suzuki star John 'Hopper' Hopkins, presents her latest report - from first qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix at Phillip Island...

"Well it was good to be back in the garage watching the times. The weather was nice today, a little chilly but clear skies. Loads of people on the grounds today along with local TV stations walking around with the cameras. We often get cameras in the pits but there are extra camera's roaming around which is cool cause' that's lots of coverage.

"In the first session there were a few crashes, Haga, Barros, Gibernau, De Gea and Nobu (Aoki). A few ran off but nothing drastic. Nobu must of injured his neck or head pretty hard cause' he was flown to Melbourne to have additional check ups and didn't make the second session. Hopefully he's alright.

"As for the second session, Marco (Melandri) crashed in the beginning and the officials red flagged it. Oh man, they're doing their job properly! It was only red flagged for about 5 minutes until the track officials removed the bike from the tarmac, then it was a go. I don't think he was injured too bad either 'cause he was back out. Shinya (Nakano) crashed too but nothing major.

"The Aussies are trying extra hard this weekend, Gaz (McCoy) was kickin some ass today, back in the top 10 where he should be at every race. Good to see him up there, I was rooting for him. Troy (Bayliss) as well, pushing hard to get the Ducati up there in front of the home crowd. Loris (Capirossi) had pole with a few minutes to go, I think with only a minute to go. But the last rider to take it over was of course Rossi. He was the last rider out on the track and puts the Honda on top.

"Lots of patient and impatient people roaming around here in the paddock waiting for Vale to make his move. With all the speculation, there might as well be a pool going around as to where he's going. It's funny, but I think we may find out this weekend, or maybe not.

"As for our garage, John and Kenny (Roberts) did alright. I don't know much on Kenny's side but John seemed happy to be riding again. I think they had a few glitches but managed to over come them which is nothing out of the ordinary. Tomorrow should be alright, the guys worked hard on the bike so we'll have to wait and see.

"OK, well that's is for now. Will report back manana,"




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