, the first website to publish the often uncompromising reports of Desiree Crossman, girlfriend of Suzuki star John 'Hopper' Hopkins, presents her latest report - from final qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix at Phillip Island...

"To start off, today was soooooooo nice. It was 25 degrees with complete clear skies. Last year it was freezing and it's notorious for that kind of weather, so today was unusual but extremely pleasant. Again there were huge amounts of people today. I think I can safely say there was a healthy several thousand people. Good atmosphere.

"I didn't know it, but yesterday Eric Bana was here at the track. For those of you who aren't familiar with him, he's an Aussie actor who is bad ass!!! One of our favourite movies is the movie Chopper which was based on a true story. He was good in that, as well as Black Hawk Down. He was the American "bad ass" who went in and saved the troopers and said the line, "They don't know why we do it!" Or something like that. Anyway, (enough with the rambling) I wish I'd known cause' I would loved to meet him. And for those of you who haven't seen Chopper, I recommend it.

"Well back to today, the only crash I know of is Troy. Nothing huge. John did really well today, he seemed to be pleased with the whole set up and choice of tyres. It's suppose to rain tomorrow which I hope it doesn't.

"John was down the line at 20th and jumped to 12th with about 10 minutes to go. And for those of you who think that's not a big deal, if you knew the situation, it's good for us so let us have that gratification! j/k But he did well and jumped to 10th but towards the end as usual got bumped down to 13th. Gaz (McCoy), our dear friend Gaz, bumped him!!!!!! :)

"Oh well, it's good to see him up there where he should be. For the grid, John's behind Carlos for the start, so he must be EXTRA CAREFUL or else............

"Ok well that's it for now. Nice and lovely day down unda today. Should be a good race to watch. Yesterday Dani Pedrosa broke both his ankles which is a real bummer 'cause we were rootin' for him. I hope he has a speedy recovery, I doubt if he's gonna ride in Valencia which is probably a double bummer for him since it's his home GP. Nice guy and a real fighter.

"Until manana, signing off from the island."




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