, the first website to publish the often uncompromising reports of Desiree Crossman, girlfriend of Suzuki star John 'Hopper' Hopkins, presents her latest report from Valencia first qualifying...

"Well it is very cold at the moment and the clouds are lingering around. I hope it clears up tomorrow with the temp rising a bit 'cause I'm kind of getting sick of this.

"Anyway, in the first session, the rain came down half the time. Majority of the riders decided to stick inside the garage most of the session while a few went out. Towards the end, I think all of the rides ended going out to get a feel of it. Valentino almost did a front flip over the bars and ran off the track. A few others went off the track as well cause' it was so slippery.

"In the second session, Valentino and Nicky (Hayden) got 1 and 2. Which is no surprise for anyone. They were trail riding, trailing one another, but it works 'cause it's Repsol 1 and 2. Max (Biaggi) was struggling a little but managed to get up there in the top 4 so that's good. Sete also wowing the home crowd. A lot of people walking around today!

"In our garage, well... the bike made it around the track! I'm just messing around, they're struggling but I think it will get better tomorrow, I hope. John was doing well mid session but of course him and Kenny are right next to each other on the grid so far. Keep plugging away for that better day.

"That's it for now, a lot of riders actually had camera time today, holy &*^#!!! You mean to tell me that some of the riders that are down the line actually got to get on TV? WOW!!!! That doesn't kill sponsorship or anything. Again, regardless if you're in the very back, middle or front, everyone should get camera time. Get over the favouritism, show some support for all the riders, sponsors and teams.

"Until manana, Hasta la vista, baby!"



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