, the first website to publish the often uncompromising reports of Desiree Crossman, girlfriend of Suzuki star John 'Hopper' Hopkins, presents her latest report, written following the season finale in Spain...

"Yes, we are home in Ramona, but what a journey!

"We were supposed to leave on the Monday morning, but let's just say too much play will make you pay because we missed our flight! I couldn't wake John up, so we had to stay an extra day in Valencia and reorganise a new flight. It wasn't pleasant having to do that, but whatever.

"We flew on Tuesday morning to Munich but, because our original flight path was to LAX and Lufthansa didn't fly that day, we had to get on United to Washington Dulles and then onto LAX. When we arrived in Munich, as we were getting off the plane, our flight to Washington was boarding so we were hauling our American asses to the gate. It wasn't a short journey either - not to mention that, as we got there, the agents couldn't find our new schedule in the computer so we were holding the plane up! Once they found it in their records, they rushed us on the plane and then decided to tell us that one of our bags didn't make it to Germany. The only thing they said was to check in Dulles.

"So nine hours and ten minutes later, we arrived and waited for bags. Of course we only had an hour and half to clear customs, collect bags, and re-check. There was a flight to San Diego that we were going to try and get on but, when we went to the United Airline desk, no-one was there. Poor service, all these people and no-one at the service counter - how in the hell are you supposed to get a good reputation in customer service?

"We waited there for ten minutes, but no-one came, so we checked into LAX. Then, of course, as soon as we leave and transfer our bags, someone shows up. Typical!

"We had a very short layover in Dulles, which isn't so bad. From Dulles, we flew to LAX and then onto San Diego. Usually, when we fly to San Diego, we're on a turboprop plane and it takes around 30-40 minutes. But, this time, we flew in a small jet and, as soon as were airborne, we started descending. It had to be a 10-15 minute flight.

"But we are glad to be back home - even if we drove through Scripps Ranch where the 'Million Dollar Homes' were and could still smell the ash from the wildfires. It smelt horrible and, even at night, you can tell which areas were scorched. It's mind blowing.

"This morning, John and I were 'driving down the hill' - that's what we Ramonans call going to a bigger city - and wondered how the fire-fighters managed to save so many homes. It's completely charred everywhere, roads are still closed and power is still out in some places. The main route, Highway 67, was hit very badly, but houses on that road managed to overcome the situation. You can see where the fire had came so close to burning so many more homes. It's crazy! We were lucky, but unfortunately a lot more weren't.

"I got an e-mail from a guy saying that I keep saying I'll put pictures up and I haven't done so yet. I will get to them, don't worry. I know I've been lagging, but they will get put up. It was funny, I was reading a magazine and there's a section where you can write to the editor. This guy wrote in how he's getting sick of John and Kenny [Roberts] complaining about the bike and forgetting who their employer is. He also said that, regardless, Nicky [Hayden] is faster. So, faster as in running? We can do relay if he thinks he's faster.

"But, yes, he's right about being fast, no need to sweat that. And it's been proven by the horsepower - need some data, my friend? That was a hard equation. Not taking anything away from Nicky, he did well this year. People say to me 'oh, don't let those idiots get to you, they have no idea what's really going on', and I say "yeah, it seems like only in America does that happen too'. Hmmmm?

"All I want to say, without putting my foot in my mouth, is that, in a contract, there are two parties. They have jobs to do, and so the expectations and requirements need to be fulfilled on both sides. Little does this guy know. Hey dude, if you're reading this, Colin [Edwards] just went to Honda because of frustration and a better deal. Last year, Sete [Gibernau] went to Honda, for all the obvious reasons. There are so many ignorant people out there - YOU CRACK ME UP!

"Garry McCoy finally had a injury-free year and, because he was on a bike that wasn't the greatest and lacked a few things, he doesn't get a chance, which I find hard to comprehend. There are some riders who haven't even won a race on decent bikes and he doesn't get a good ride because of poor results which I can guarantee had nothing to do with his riding? That's bogus!!! Once again, there are some ignorant people out there. Oh well, we know what's going on.

"Anyway, enough of my blabber mouth. No testing for a few months on the Suzuki. That's good because it's a nice break, but bad because they need to test new parts. I'm sure they're pluggin' away back at the factory.

"So I will sign off now, but be sure to check back every once in a while for some updates and such. I know John will be doing a lot of MX riding this off-season, which he's been wanting to do for a while. It should be a good break.

"Until then, Happy Holidays way ahead of time."




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