The inquiry set-up by Honda to establish the cause of Daijiro Kato's fatal accident at the season opening Japanese Grand Prix, will give an official press briefing tomorrow (Friday) where it is hoped they will shed light on what exactly happened to the former 250cc world champion.

Kato died as a result of injuries sustained on lap 3 of the April 6 event when he lost control of his Telefonica MoviStar liveried RC211V on the approach to the braking area for the chicane (just after the 130R corner), while travelling at almost 200kph.

Kato's machine veered sharply left into an unprotected trackside barrier, leaving him in a coma with serious head, neck and chest injuries - his heart also had to be restarted on the way to the circuit medical centre.

After being flown to a local Hospital, Kato defied the odds by showing slim signs of improvement (in terms of a slightly stronger heartbeat) in the following days, but the spinal damage to his neck alone would never have allowed him anything approaching a full recovery.

Almost exactly two weeks after his accident it was announced that Kato had lost his fight for life.

Mystery has surrounded the cause of his accident ever since, with none of the riders around him or what circuit TV footage there was available, indicating a clear reason for the loss of control. It is now hoped that the enquiry will be able to determine what really happened to Japan's best hope of a first premier-class world champion.

Meanwhile, the Suzuka circuit has been removed from the 2004 MotoGP calendar while safety modifications are made.



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