, the first website to publish the often uncompromising reports of Desiree Crossman, girlfriend of Suzuki star John 'Hopper' Hopkins, presents her latest report, written shortly after spending the start of 2004 in the desert...

"Hi Everyone, I hope we all managed to have a decent New Year's Eve and New Year's celebration. Ours wasn't too bad.

"Down here in "SoCal," there is a New Year's tradition that seems to never die out and that's going to the desert. Of course we did that. New Year's fell on a strange day, right in the middle of the week. Oddly enough, when we got out there, loads of people where already there.

"On the 29th, one of John's friends came down from Northern California with his girlfriend to stay the night prior to us leaving the next day. On Tuesday is when we loaded up the trucks and headed out. I stayed behind to wait for my friend 'cause she was still working. Plus, she's a desert rookie, so I had to show her the ropes.

"John had his dirtbikes in the back of the truck and his friend had his in his van. We call his van the "Action Van," for some unknown reason. It's just the perfect word to describe it. Anyway, John, his friend Chris, Mike and his girlfriend all headed out to the desert. My friend and I finally got there around 9pm and set up a fire. Too bad they left before us, 'cause we had all the wood so they were freezing their tails off.

"The next day, we just did some 4 wheel drivin' around the dunes while the guys rode their bikes. There were two 125s for us but the boys rode them more then we did. I ripped around a few times on the bike, but I was a little slow mentally from the night before if you know what I mean. :) Yeah, a few drinks.

"Later in the day, us "girls" went to the store to by some stuff and they sold Starbucks Frappucinos, in a glass. So, I bought some for all of us and I took one with me to the Sand Drags to sip on. Sand Drags are drag races that everyone goes to hang out and watch, 'cause you NEVER know what you might see there.

"The minute we get there and park, a ranger comes up to me and starts questioning me about our truck. Once I answered all of his silly questions, he pulls me aside and tells me I'm getting a ticket for having a glass container. I immediately start mouthing off to him saying why in hell do they sell glass containers at the desert if it's not permitted? I said a few more things but regardless of it, I got a 50 USD ticket for having a Frappucino bottle and then he made me dump it out.

"During that time, John and his friends were getting tickets for not having flags on the dirtbikes, so they all got tickets too. While this is going on, they practically detain John to the truck while writing up the ticket. I asked why can't we move around and he said, "cause' we need to talk to you, so you have to stay put." Stay put? We're in the middle of the desert, highly doubt we're going to try anything stupid. What do they think we're going to do, flee? I understand the flag requirement but to be detained, serious authority issue.

"So, again, I started opening my mouth saying a few things but I stopped 'cause I really didn't want to get arrested over a Frappucino bottle and being detained to our truck. Everyone else was chuckling, but the rangers. Our nice quiet easy going time at the sand drags turned into a ticket fest. Then they go on to say how it's not going to effect our driving record. Not to sound like an airhead, but as if it should. We left shortly after.

"That night was New Year's Eve so we just hung out around camp and torched the Christmas tree. For New Year's being in the middle of the week, there were definitely lots of people out. It was fun, but not taking a shower for 2 days and eating a bunch of junk food, New Years Day, it was time to go home. As we were leaving, more people were coming out for the weekend. Lots more.

"On the Friday after, we drove up to Anaheim for the season opener Supercross. We always stay at the hotel near Edison Field 'cause that way we can just walk over. Right next to the hotel, there's a sports bar that I am allowed to go into now. Some of the people we were with, including John, aren't 21, but we got in no problem. It was dead anyway, and all we did was play pool. But it was cool to get in hassle free.

"That Saturday, we went to the Supercross. John and I got some tickets that enabled us to go the "VIP" suite. When we got there, we ran into Randy Mamola and his wife. We also ran into a few other people, but to be honest, we didn't feel quite right being inside there. So, John ate some food and then we left to go sit with our friends in the nose bleed section. It was chilly but I think we had a better time around them then we did in the other place. But the food was good.

"After the race, that Sunday we went home and ever since, John has been riding his new toy, "The 50." He got a new bike, tricked it out and everyday he's not training, he's jumping his bike, or going motocross riding. This week has been a little hectic though 'cause we're gearing up to leave in a few weeks so certain stuff have to be taken care of soon, like taxes. Uncle Sam loves us that's for sure. :)

"Yesterday we went up and had a meeting with GP Tours which was cool and talked about how we wanted to promote MotoGP more to Americans. For all of you who don't know, GP TOURS is self explanatory, it's really cool cause it gives people the opportunity to go to MotoGP race with all accommodations. I'm not just saying this as a free advert, it's a good way to check the series out. So we're excited to work with them. After that meeting, John had a quick photo shoot for Road Racer X. The heading will be funny so check out the next issue. What a stud!!! J/k.

"Well, the off-season has now come to an end. John's leaving soon to Malaysia to test the new bike out. Yoshimura Suzuki is going to test there as well. That's the US Superbike team. Actually, a few teams will be there so it will be interesting to see how everything is coming along.

"Vale is riding the M1 for the first time as well so of course loads of photographers will be there. This test I'm not going to but the ones after, which will be one big trip, I am going to those.

"So this is the first update of the year. There have been some seldom updates, but now that the season is starting up, more will be coming...

"Bye for now,"




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