Proton Team KR will be back to full strength for this Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix with injured class rookie Kurtis Roberts set to join Nobuatsu Aoki on a further developed KR V5.

Roberts was forced to withdraw from the Africa's GP when a recovering injury gave unexpected trouble. Kurtis, second son of Kenny, dislocated his shoulder in tests in mid-March, but has worked hard to build up strength for the second race.

"In South Africa there was one particular corner which put my shoulder in a real awkward position, so it felt it would pop out again," began Kurtis. "Since then I've been doing a lot of physio and training to strengthen those muscles, and also testing on dirt bikes.

"I've tried to reproduce the same position and bad feeling, but the shoulder feels good. I want to go racing right away now," he declared.

Given the relative newness of the latest KR V5, and 'real' horsepower figures below those predicted by simulations, the Banbury based team have been working flat out to refine the machine in time for this weekend.

"We're still not fully on top of sorting the engine to perform as predicted on the computer, but we have new parts coming for Jerez, and more for Le Mans (two weeks later)," revealed Roberts.

"Actually I don't think our machine is too far out. The chassis stands out as a big improvement. The real question is what tyres Dunlop will bring to Jerez - and I'm expecting an improvement from them as well," he added.

"Already the chassis feeling and balance is very good. The important thing for this race will be Dunlop tyre developments," confirmed Aoki. "At Welkom, they already took a step compared with tests. I'm looking forward to seeing what they bring to Jerez."



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