Almost a month may have passed since the British Grand Prix, but time hasn't lessened the pain for Max Biaggi - who dropped from one-point behind Valentino Rossi to 22 adrift of his fellow Italian after suffering a cruel mechanical problem.

Biaggi hopes were hit by the recurrence of a gear shifter problem that required the Roman to use extreme force to change gears for the full 30-lap race distance. The four-times 250cc world champion would finish just twelfth - a bitter blow that he's still coming to terms with.

"I have rested over the last few weeks, I got in some sunshine and did some sport whilst holidaying with friends (but) my thoughts have tracked back to the race, I admit it. What happened in Britain is still getting to me, how can that have happened?" sighed Max, who'd suffered the same selection problem in morning warm-up.

"This season has already proved however that nothing is decided until the end, and it is with this spirit that I will take on the second part of the year," he declared ahead of Sunday's Czech Grand Prix. "I'm delighted that we kick off again with Brno, because it is a track that I like without a doubt, but I will approach it as I do any other."

Camel Honda team principal Sito Pons is also looking to bury the British GP nightmare and is confident that Biaggi can still claw his way back into title contention.

"I'm sure that after Donington, where a technical problem prevented us from showing our true potential, we can find our way back to victory, as we did in Brazil and Germany beforehand," said the former racer. "Our team has everything it takes to take the title challenge to the very end."

First qualifying for the Czech Grand Prix takes place this Friday.



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