"It was another "iffy" day here at the track. The weather held off in the morning session which was good cause' John was the fastest so we were all pretty happy about that, his time wasn't too bad either. Shane Byrne crashed out of the session, his crash was harsh. He looked like he high sided and the bike threw him at least 20-30 feet in the air landing on his shoulder and wrist.

"If you didn't see the crash, the best description I can give is looking like Spiderman in the air with no web to hold on to. He ended up going to the hospital and word has it that he only has a broken wrist and slight concussion which is less damaging then what I thought cause' he had a gnarly landing. There were a few other minor crashes as well, Hodgson and I think Xaus. He may have crashed in both sessions, not sure.

"Second session was wet, which was not good in general for majority of the Bridgestone riders. They were down at the bottom of the roster, including John which he was disappointed in despite having a good dry morning session. He went from fastest in the dry towards the back in the wet, better safe then sorry though. Again, a few minor slip and slides, Carlos, Kurtis, and Nobu.

"Carlos was on top for most of the session but others were starting to creep up. Telefonica boys were doing well in the session and Alex Barros did well too. Michel Fabrizio on the Harris WCM managed to squeeze up in the top of the roster, good for him. Sete snagged pole, followed by Barros and then Vale. Isn't this supposed to be a Biaggi favoured track? I'm sure he'll do well tomorrow, hopefully it will be dry. Unfortunately the rain couldn't hold off for one more hour to get a dry session.
"There's a good amount of people here, seems like it's becoming one of the more popular races, not quite sure if it's the track, country, atmosphere or if it's for the girls here 'cause Czech seems to produce some real stunners. I'll have to ask around, but from the conversations I have with a few good men, they're definitely obliged to come back every year. I must admit, apart from the rich history here that I enjoy, it's one of the top places that produces nice looking birds. Tomorrow, I hope its dry 'cause I'm not a big fan of rain.

"By the way, (being sarcastic) there's a great shot of me on crash.net (in Brno day one report) if you haven't seen it yet. Looks like I saw something that I shouldn't have seen by the expression on my face. Sometimes, I wish I was aware of pictures being taken so I don't look like a nerd. It reminds me of the picture that was taken in Cataluyna earlier this year of John and I, another defining moment in MotoGP and the photographers are great at capturing 'that look.'

"Well, I will write more tomorrow after the race. Bye..."




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